5 Most Beautiful Capitals in the World

The capital can be explained as the main city for government assembly, frequently defined as legitimate capital of the state. To bring together world’s gorgeous capitals in a list is, in fact, a sturdy task but their impressive and hypnotize beauty assisted us to collect good-looking capital cities. The collection of 5 superior most attractive capitals in the world is furnished below:
Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh

1.            London
London is the capital and densely populated city of England and the United Kingdom. This city is considered as an advanced and famous city of arts, entertainment, commerce, finance, study, specialized services, research and development and tourism.

London is the World civilizing capital as it has the living experience with extensive range of people and cultures with more than three hundred spoken languages. It is one of the most attractive capitals in the world. As important places, as well as extensive varieties of attraction in London, are Kew Gardens, Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Greenwich, St Margaret’s Church and Westminster Abbey.

2.            Berlin:
Capital and biggest city of Germany is Berlin. Because of its huge inhabitants which are nearly 3.5 million secured second place in dense cities within the European Union. Berlin is the most important continental center for air and rail passage possess extremely complex public transportation network.

The city is becoming the most attractive place in tourism by linking Rome and Paris in Europe following its fastest growing tourism activities to occupancy maximum people to visit the capital. Berlin is also renowned for being more diverse and cultural and traditional city for contemporary arts and architecture.

3.            Paris
Paris is the most populous city of France which is mainly famous for its metallic Eiffel Tower which designed in 1889 for the Paris International Exhibition. It is called world’s tallest monument. Once it was a wealthy trading center and the largest city in the western world but later on, came out as the most crucial center of fashion, business, science, arts, and economics.

4.            Tokyo
While you come to Tokyo, its most stylish railways, tongue-gasmic food porn, a collection of youth style stores, most tasty noodles and all other remarkable things will absolutely attract you a lot as the city guessed to be one of the best places for travelers.

Tokyo is one of the 47 regions of the country including the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the Japan’s government. At the present time, Tokyo is deliberated as a city but it is actually a metropolitan region, placed in the third position in the Global Economic Power Index as well marked on the fourth rank in the Global Cities Index.

5.            Dhaka
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh situated on the bank of River Buriganga. It is one of the most populated cities all over the world. At present more than 17 million people living here. There are several historical places in old Dhaka. Most of them built in the period of Mughal. The places are Lalbagh Fort, Small Katra, Big Katra, Ahsan Manzil, Shahi Mosque, Star (Tara) mosque and Dhaka Gate. If you want to enjoy these places then make a Dhaka tour Plan

Shahid Minar is the magnificent symbol of Modern architecture which is situated near Dhaka University, Dhaka. Monument of ‘Shahid Minar’ is the witness of those who died during our Mother Language movement. Bangladesh National Parliament is one of the most important and must-see structures in Bangladesh. This was designed by world famous American architect and professor of Yale University Mr. Louis I. Khan.
Dhaka is the city of delicious food. Grilled Chicken, Vuna Khichuri, Kacci Biriani, Beef stake and Morog-polao are the delicious and famous food in Dhaka.

Conclusion: In this piece of writing there narrated about 5 most beautiful capitals in the world. If you really food loving then we believe obviously you will plan for Dhaka to visit during your upcoming vacation.

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