5 Things Encouraged for Not To Do In Cox’s Bazaar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the largest and renowned sea beaches in Bangladesh. Every year a lot of people visit this distinguished place. Due to its longest beach, peaceful, delicious food and excellent picnic spot visitors feel the interest to visit this place every year. In spite of many positive aspects of this place, there is few negative side that you, of course, consider during your visit in Cox’s Bazar. Therefore the following tips will be helpful, annoy free and amusing for you. And enjoy your Cox's Bazaar Tour.

5 thinks not to do in Cox's Bazar

 No Alcohol
During your visit at Cox’s Bazar the first thing you obviously not to perform alcohol drink openly. An Islamic country is Bangladesh. Islam doesn’t allow alcohol drinking. As here maximum people are Muslim and moreover, people don’t like it to drink. So alcohol drinking has been forbidden in a public area. Also, there are a number of Bangladesh hotel and shops where alcoholic drinks are obtainable, but don’t allow to bring them in public areas. That’s why you can take pleasure in a visit to Cox’s Bazar sensibly.

Careful at Night
Though Cox’s Bazar is very crowded at day time but at night it is not a very safe area. Stealing, mugging, and harassment are manifested at night. While time advanced, the beaches get crowded. At the very early time you may find a calm and quiet corner. Rather you will observe sufficient sweet spots on larger and uninterrupted beaches. At night, the circumstances are quite different, so be cautious. At Cox’s Bazar the tourists are more biased to road crimes as they possess additional money. During night, you may visit the market on use your time in Bangladesh hotel or restaurants to enjoy the wonderful cooking of Bangladesh.

Don’t Pollute
The Cox’s Bazar becomes a very well-liked in the last decade. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit the charming beaches and islands in Cox’s Bazar. Due to inundation of tourists, the problem of pollution has been increased. In this regard, the Government is giving the effort to control the difficulty. While you travel the beach area attempts not to pollute it. You can carry a plastic bag with you and keep all the misuse and empty bottles in it and lastly put the bag in the dust bins.
Through the effective contribution from everyone Cox’s Bazar may be the heaven of the earth due to its good-looking and cleanliness.

Don’t Eat The Usual Food
Definitely, you would find a vast variety of food while you would enter the Cox’s bazar. Here you will see different sorts of restaurants those provide food from inexpensive to the most expensive one. Also, there are advanced food chains too. But these will not furnish you much enjoyment as all these are found all over the place in the world. Look for the specialty of Cox’s Bazar. Attempt the gourmet food of Cox’s Bazar such as fried fish, fish pizza, grilled prawns and rice. These are the area of expertise of not only Cox’s Bazar but these staple food of Bangladesh. Definitely, you would take pleasure in the taste of this external food forever.
Be Careful When Taking Pictures
While photographing on sea beaches in Cox’s Bazar needed to be cautious. Generally, women photographer can take photos of women but men should not do this. It is usually unsuitable to take a photograph of anyone without taking permission. So tell earlier than you take any photo. People are kind and well-mannered. Obviously, they would allow you to take their photos. But require taking permission as a defensive measure. Keep in mind being a traditional society; than westerners, Bengalis are apparently more conservative.

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most attractive beaches in the world. The long beaches of about 120 Kilometer along with amazing places, villages and islands are really exclusive sites for you when you get the opportunity to visit there. Be careful about using your dress. You can take pleasure in visiting beaches but in complete cloths. Women should be dressed in modest cloth. This can also save you from unwanted staring and vexation. Lots of sellers will offer you Sea corals and shells. Buying these is affecting the ecosystem of the area. Be a responsible person and avoid this purchasing. Deal cautiously with vendors along the beach shops who press you hard for buying their stuff.


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